Senator Ted Cruz listens to Iowa farmers, supports Renewable Fuel Standard through 2022

SIOUX CENTER—During a bus tour stop in Sioux Center, Iowa last night, Senator Ted Cruz expressed support for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) through 2022.

Responding to a question from an ethanol investor from Iowa about whether he would allow the landmark energy program to continue through its current expiration in 2022, Sen. Cruz responded by expressing support for the RFS through 2022.

Senator Cruz also expressed passionate support for breaking through the so-called “blendwall”. “That blendwall makes it illegal for ethanol to expand its market penetration, and I intend to eliminate the EPA blendwall to get rid of that barrier, which will enable ethanol to expand in the marketplace to a much larger penetration to sell more ethanol….”

The comments were substantially repeated at another stop in Cherokee, Iowa the same evening. You can listen to audio of the remarks here. and below.

In response to Sen. Cruz’s statements, ARF state director Eric Branstad said:

Farmers and rural communities across Iowa are going to be encouraged by Sen. Cruz’s remarks. He is clearly listening to the people of Iowa and understands the importance of the Renewable Fuel Standard to America’s economy and energy independence, as he started the caucus process calling for immediate repeal. While not perfect, this is a big step forward by Sen. Cruz.

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